By fr. Daniel Pinheiro - The culture of death actually starts with contraception
By Sist. Anna Maria Fedeli - Ultimately, everything in the world is the struggle of God, Our Lord, to save souls and the devil to lose them.
By Fr. Daniel Pinheiro - The purpose of courtship should be to verify the existence of mutual esteem, sympathy, trust and ideals.
By Fr. Daniel Pinheiro - Holy marriage presupposes holy preparation, presupposes holy courtship
By Orlando Fedeli - We read throughout the old testament that Jewish leaders were secretly involved in idolatry and wanted disseminate it through the…
By Orlando Fedeli - Reading the book of Job, God revealed that the devil can use natural phenomena, men, and even organize entire peoples to do evil.
By IBP in Brazil - Christmas, Epiphany and Presentation of the Lord are like three panels of a liturgical triptych
By Fr. Daniel Pinheiro, IBP - Our society is lost and immersed in a deep naturalism and is incapable of understand the symbols on Christmas, which all…
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