We translate content that is relevant for Catholics that speaks English. Most content, we translate from Portuguese, but you may also find some of our translations are from Spanish, French, Italian and Latin.

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Publishing frequency

We are still figuring out the ideal publishing frequency but as of today we have the following setup:

  • Every Tuesday: Sermons and Articles from Institute Good Shepherd (IBP). You can find them here.

  • Every Friday: Essays, Articles and Letters from Orlando Fedeli (see all of them here).

  • Some Sundays: Eventually, some miscellaneous writings will be published on Sundays.

About the translated text and authors

The text published in this site is handpicked, translated and reviewed twice. It doesn’t mean it is error free. Also, by reading any author on this site, it doesn’t mean that we (the editors and translator) endorse everything that this individual person has ever written or will ever write.

About images on publications

All images used on publications are just illustrative, to better convey the message of the post. By no means they are an endorsement for the artist (painter, photographer, sculptor) or any of his works, except when it is directed expressed in the text.

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